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Do you remember your first day of school or your first date…the excitement…the nerves that seemed to get the better of you as the date approached?  How about that first job you had or the vacation you saved and saved for?  Do you remember how excited you were? Do you remember falling in love and planning a wedding…the moment when the date was on the calendar and you were counting down the days? We all remember counting the days until Christmas morning.  


What do all these have in common?  ADVENT


It comes from the Latin word, ADVENTUS…simply meaning the arrival, the coming and the ANTICIPATION we all have about those moments, places and times where something is about to happen…that our hearts and minds are invested in.  It’s what we want to focus on this coming month.


We want to look at Christmas differently than just Santa Claus and the wrappings and trappings that go with it… differently than just what we have to spend and the hardships we’ve been going through... differently than just the ending of a difficult year.

We want to go back to the HOPE, PEACE, JOY AND LOVE that Christ brought on Christmas morning.  

Those four topics will guide us through the next four weeks:  ADVENT

Our hearts and minds are being prepared this month for the ARRIVAL of TRUE CHRISTMAS and what it brings to our life today. It will all culminate on Christmas Eve as we remember Immanuel…God with us. 

I hope you’ll engage with us on the most important journey of a lifetime this month at GracePoint Church. 

Advent - HOPE

Advent - JOY

Christmas Eve - The Surprising Gift

Advent - PEACE

Advent - LOVE

Christmas Day

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