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The book of Ruth is a love story (and a good one at that). Like all love stories it has twists and turns, tension and resolution, and a happy ending without all the sappy sentimentality that makes you want to roll your eyes. 


But it’s far more than a human love story. It’s been said that “most of us live in the book of Ruth, not in the book of Exodus.” That is, we do not gather manna from heaven every morning and walk through parted seas. We live by faith in God’s “ordinary providence.” While there are no miracles in Ruth, God is just as active because He is present in the lives of seemingly insignificant characters, displaying His meticulous providence, just as He is at work in our own lives.


This is a story that reveals to us a God Who is deeply committed to caring for His people while pointing us to the Bible’s grand story of redemption through David’s greatest Son, Jesus.

Introduction to Ruth
Chris Curtis

Ruth - Part 3
Chris Curtis

Ruth - Part 5
Chris Curtis

Ruth - Part 7
Shane Sullivan

Ruth - Part 2
Bob Belford

Ruth - Part 4
Bill Brown

Ruth - Part 6
Gary Hensley

Ruth - Part 8
Bill Brown

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