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Beth & Tim Plotts

Just like applying a bright light to the facets of a gemstone exposes its beauty, applying the light of God's Word to one's life can expose the remarkable facets of “family.”  This has certainly been true in the experience of Tim and Beth Plotts.


“There was a particular instance when Gary—our GracePoint small group leader—made a point that we need to apply in our lives the things we've learned from our Bible studies,” Beth recalled.  That thought was lingering in Beth's mind all week as the following Sunday rolled around.  “Gary had been talking about ways to stimulate fellowship among Christians, and it so happened my husband was going to be out of town on Sunday—a business trip.  I decided to look for someone sitting alone in the worship service, and join them in fellowship.  Perhaps I'd meet someone new, and maybe even make a friend.”


Beth quickly noticed Betty Hopkins, a widow, and she sat with her.  Before the service began they struck up a conversation, and over a short period of time the two women became good friends.  “We went to lunch every week, and I even had the opportunity to take her shopping and to doctor's appointments,” Beth recalls.  


Betty Hopkins currently lives in Mooresville, NC with her son and his family.  “We still talk by phone every single week,” Beth says.  “Our relationship has been a blessing to each of us; it has helped me gain the rich perspective of a Godly woman who served as a pastor’s wife for many years and has a deep and abiding faith.”  


And all this grew out of taking one simple step in following the Holy Spirit's lead to put something learned into action.  “Betty Hopkins has grown to be more than a friend,” Beth explains.  “Betty is family!”

Tim Plotts, Beth's husband, has many rich life stories that link with the GracePoint small group that he and Beth have been part of for more than sixteen years.  “The group has walked alongside Beth and myself as our marriage and family grew,” Tim elaborates.  


“Our daughters, Brooke and Casey, were in high school when we first joined the small group.  It was both comforting and amazing how the group held Brooke—and us, as parents—up in prayer as Brooke matured, graduated from high school and joined the military.  Perhaps the most valuable prayer support came when she was deployed to Iraq in 2008.  You can imagine that it was a stressful time for Beth and me as parents.  The group supported our diving deeper into the Word and knowing God as our faith in Him grew and we prayed for His protection over Brooke.”


“And our GracePoint group provided prayer and emotional support as our other daughter, Casey, grew up, got married, and with her husband, Jon, were led to become foster parents,” Tim continues.  Casey and Jon had to learn about parenting quickly, as their first assignment was to foster three boys, ages 18 months, 3 and 5. “With the prayers and support of our group, the Holy Spirit was always there to lead Casey and Jon.  It all came together successfully, too much to be a coincidence; it was a God thing.”


Jon and Casey eventually wanted children of their own, so they decided to pursue adoption.  They applied to adopt Josiah, a 13-month-old boy they were fostering.  The adoption was recently finalized, but not before Casey conceived and gave birth to Maryella, now a one-year-old.  “God's timing was perfect in all this,” Tim declares.


“It's amazing how those times of prayer and fellowship in our small group, of encouraging and helping each other outside of our regular weekly that has bound us together more closely than most blood relatives.”


Jason & Nikki

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