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Jesus was born to be the King and in Advent, which means “arrival,” we celebrate his coming. With his arrival came his rule and reign of our everyday lives. This is not some Kingdom that exists in a far away place. Nor is it an ancient Kingdom of our memories that is stuck in the past or one reserved for our imaginations of the future. The Kingdom of God is us...among us...because the King, the one and only King, has come!

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In this series we complete the book of Matthew, exploring his multi-faceted portrait of Jesus. He appears as Messiah of Israel, a teacher greater than even Moses, and is declared to be the Son of God who gives his life and is raised for us all.

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In this summer series we will work our way through the beatitudes. To gain a deeper understanding of what Jesus is communicating not only to his followers that day on the mountain but also to us. 


In this series we will work our way through Matthew, exploring his multi-faceted portrait of Jesus. 

GracePoint Church meets for a worship gathering every Sunday at 10 am in Mars Hill,11am in Asheville

Our gatherings are casual and are made up of Bible-based teaching with band-driven worship, all in a socially distanced, relaxed, welcoming environment. Once on our campus you will be greeted by someone from our Host Team who will help you find our Auditorium, answer any questions you have or help you check in your children into one of our GracePoint Kids environments.