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The book of Ruth is a love story, with twists and turns, tension and resolution, and a happy ending. 

But it’s far more than a human love story. This is a story that reveals to us a God Who is deeply committed to caring for His people while pointing us to the Bible’s grand story of redemption through David’s greatest Son, Jesus.


Why the book of Judges?

The book is a mirror that helps us see ourselves correctly and a window that we look through to see the beauty of God and how He rescues us. 

It's about the Gospel! 

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Walk through Holy Week, beginning with Palm Sunday, followed by our Savior's death on Good Friday, and finally celebrate Messiah's resurrection on Easter Sunday.

GracePoint Church meets for a worship gathering every Sunday at 9am in Mars Hill,11am in Asheville

Our gatherings are casual and are made up of Bible-based teaching with band-driven worship, all in a socially distanced, relaxed, welcoming environment. Once on our campus you will be greeted by someone from our Host Team who will help you find our Auditorium, answer any questions you have or help you check in your children into one of our GracePoint Kids environments.